Invisalign Teen Info

Does your teenager need braces but is not excited at the prospect of wearing them? They are not alone—more and more teens are looking to avoid braces. The good news is that now, they can, by using Invisalign Teen.

Invisalign Teen: The Key Facts

invisalign teen logo photo of smiling teens

  • All the benefits of the original Invisalign system are included
  • Teens are not eligible for the original system due to growth and the possibility of losing aligners
  • Invisalign Teen features aligners that accommodate growth and includes replacement aligners
  • It also has indicator dots that show teens if they are wearing their aligners often enough

How Does Invisalign Help Teens?

When you have a healthy, beautiful smile, you feel better about yourself. Confidence is a tricky issue for teens, so every little bit helps. Plus, they are preparing themselves for a lifetime of good oral health.

Are All Teens Eligible for Invisalign?

No, sometimes teens will have orthodontic problems that are too significant to treat with Invisalign. However, the majority of teens are eligible for this system. Schedule an appointment to find out if your child can use it.

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