Office Visits

office visits


So, you have decided now is the time to perfect your smile. Wonderful! And we are pleased to be the practice you have chosen to help you on this journey. Right about now, you are likely wondering what your visits to the office are going to be like. No need to wonder—we will tell you everything you need to know.

The Initial Examination

Your initial examination is all about laying the groundwork for your treatment. We start by getting you acquainted with the practice, giving you a quick tour and talking about our approach to treatment. From there, we process your paperwork and complete the necessary diagnostics. You will be given an exam and then have time to ask questions about treatment possibilities. The exam is free, while the diagnostics have fees.

The Treatment Conference

If the exam and diagnostics reveal a need for treatment, the next appointment will be the treatment conference. This conference may take place right after the initial appointment or be scheduled for a different day, depending on your needs. During this conference, the doctor will explain any issues found and then go over the possible forms of treatment that will address them. By the end of the conference, you and the doctor will settle on a form of treatment, and if needed, take more diagnostics to assist in designing the appliance.

Placing the Appliance

If the best treatment method involves a fixed appliance, there will be an appointment made specifically for placing it on the teeth. Out of all the appointments you will have over the course of your treatment, this one should be the longest, coming in at around an hour. After the appliance is on, you can go back to life as usual, but many patients will take the rest of the day off for their own comfort.

If you get a removable appliance, like Invisalign, at this appointment, you will be given your first set of aligners and will check them to make certain they fit properly.

Regular Appointments

Orthodontic treatment relies on regular appointments that ensure treatment is progressing correctly and the appliance has not become damaged. If you are wearing braces, these regular appointments are also used to make the adjustments needed to further your progress. The frequency of these appointments will vary from patient to patient; some have appointments every month while some only come in every 10 weeks. These appointments last from the time the appliance is placed until the retention stage of treatment begins.

Late Arrivals and Missed Appointments

If ever you are going to be late to your appointment, please let us know. There is a chance we can move appointments around for those already waiting so that no one is delayed. If we are unable to accommodate you at a later time, we can reschedule the appointment for you. Please keep in mind that delayed or missed appointments can negatively impact the outcome of treatment.