SureSmile® FAQs

SureSmile Robotic Arm Customizing Braces Archwire

Why is a robotic arm more precise?

Human hands and fingers can only do so much. Traditional archwires are beany by hand by the doctor. SureSmile uses a robotic arm that has more nuanced control, leading to better results.

Braces on Orthodontic 3-D Digital Model of Teeth

How does SureSmile software work?

Using a software program, we take a digital scan of your mouth and then produce multiple treatment options. The doctor goes over each possibility, then selects the best one, modifying it as needed.

SureSmile OraScanner - Digital Orthodontic Scanner

How does the OraScanner work?

The OraScanner is a hand-help device that works similarly to a 3D digital camera. It takes photos of the teeth using a special light, then the images are assembled to create a 3D model that is used for formulating the treatment plan and making the archwire.

How much does SureSmile cost?

We cannot determine the cost until we complete an examination.

Does the doctor still control my treatment?

Yes, the doctor remains the brains behind the operation. The SureSmile system is just one of the tools used in the process.

SureSmile Digital Orthodontic Treatment Planning

Could my teeth be damaged from moving faster?

No, SureSmile will move teeth faster than traditional braces, but the speed of movement is still perfectly safe.

Braces Archwire Placement on 3-D Orthodontic Scan of Teeth

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