Treatment Options

treatment options


Everyone wants a healthy smile—but not everyone is willing to wear braces to get it. We understand; while we think braces look great, we also acknowledge they are not for everyone. If this is the case for you, it is possible that you will make an excellent candidate for Invisalign.

Invisalign skips the elements that make people worry about braces—the metal brackets and wires. Instead, this system uses clear plastic aligners that are shaped to place strategic pressure on the teeth. When worn, these aligners are invisible, making treatment your secret to share—or not.

Sure Smile

If you require braces but are worried about wearing them for years to get the smile you want, there are ways to shorten your treatment time. One method is using the Sure Smile braces system. These braces are custom made just for you, which means treatment is more precise and faster than with conventional braces. But less time does not mean poorer results—Sure Smile delivers incredible results.


If you have been doing your research on treatment options, you may have come across self-ligating braces. These are braces that do not require elastics to hold the wire in place. This allows the parts to be made smaller, and therefore less visible. Additionally, they are more effective than traditional braces, making them an excellent form of treatment.